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Not-For-Profit and Governmental Auditing, Taxation, and Accounting

Jennifer J. Phillips, CPA, PLLC is an Arizona certified public accounting firm in Tucson, Arizona offering services in attestation, taxation and accounting. Jennifer specializes in small to medium-sized tax exempt organizations. She offers the following value to her clients:

  • Expert service: Jennifer provides partner-level experience to every aspect of the engagement. Her clients benefit from having a CPA with over 20 years of not-for-profit experience perform every detail of the work.

  • Affordable fees: In recent years, many not-for-profit organizations have suffered significant declines in contributions and other funding sources, while the demand for their services has increased. As a sole practitioner, Jennifer does not have the overhead costs of a traditional firm and is able to offer lower fees to her clients so that they can use more of their precious resources on program activities.

  • Efficiency: For attest engagements, Jennifer has the ability to provide draft reports while still in the field, and issue final reports within thirty days.

Contact Information

Jennifer J. Phillips, CPA, CFE
P.O. Box 1068
Vail, AZ 85641

Tel: (520) 247-7087
Fax: (520) 647-3492